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So, I guess the big news is that I got a second piercing in my left ear. It was a semi-impulsive decision – I've known I was getting one since January of last year, I just never got around to it because I was waiting for a significant date, and the one I really really wanted (February 27, one-year anniversary of getting out of Cooley-Dick) I was living in the Crappy Place and couldn't go out. And I am in the kind of bad state of mind right now where I want to do bad things to my body and mark it up and change it. And I figured, a piercing the lobe of your ear is very low on the scale of dumb things you can do with pointy objects. It was actually quite a lovely experience! The guy who did it was very pleasant, indulged my need to know what was going on at all times, and in the end it hurt less than getting blood drawn. I remember getting my "normal" piercings as being extremely painful, and apparently this is not the result of being a nine-year-old with no pain tolerance, it's partly because the punching gun hurts like the dickens. (He did it with an needle and a cork). In fact, when time comes for me to do the other side (and it is a matter of time, I just want to wait for the appropriate date), I'm going to have no trepidation at all. Oh, and apparently everything Claire's told you to do in the 1990s was wrong. They told one to twist the studs around as often as possible so they wouldn't "grow into" the flesh, and also to rinse them with a special liquid every night. (I remember the liquid mostly getting in my ears and hair :P). The number one thing you're supposed to do is not touch your piercing, because it contaminates it and raises the risk of infection. One can also use special liquid or saline solution, but they're optional. I'm buying saline solution next time I go to CVS, but I'm waiting to do that until my stuff is filled (after going there three times in one day, I'm kind of sick of it).

I got one of the handsome ball-joint rings, which looks good, but rather dwarfed by my big hoops.

I've also had way too much fun messing with my hair lately. It's not an "O noes, I cannot be teh ugliez" type of thing, it's an "Oh hey, I can make it do this!" type of thing. One of the things that plays into this is that I've been very depressed lately, and if I don't feel like getting out of bed, I feel that I'm going to look damn fabulous when I do.

I had a horrible, horrible case of derealization yesterday. Thinking back, it may have been a response to anxiety – I had gotten really upset just before it happened, but it was more sadness and hopelessness than anything else. I nearly didn't make it home – the world was spinning, the ground was uneven under my feet, I kept touching my bare arms and legs because if it wasn't rubbing against something it felt like it wasn't there. And the whole time I was really nervous because this is a town where people call the police if someone's "acting strange", and I'm really scared to go back to the hospital. (When I thought my leg might be infected I didn't go to the doctor's because I had this vision of being forcibly interred for being "a danger to myself", and then not being able to reach my friends because I don't have their numbers... fortunately either it wasn't infected or I fought it off).

In other news, my computer has officially reached piece of crap status. It's having trouble with such complicated actions as, say, having Adium and iTunes open at the same time, typing, and scrolling down on webpages. :/ I was hoping to hold out on getting a new one until I had fulltime student status and could get a discount (which would be in about a year and a half), but that's looking unlikely, or at least very inconvenient. At least it's not crashing and showing me its Darwin Kernel at random points like the last one did.

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Whoa, you're right, it does say I blocked you! That is so fucking weird. I'm sorry! Fixing it right now.

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Oh, and since my tweets are locked, you might need to request access before you can see them? I forget how that works.


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