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I can't get over this friend thing. Nobody's talking to me. Okay, I'll take that it was my fault, that I was blind, did something wrong.

But if the answer's no, or you deserve it, or "You're lucky they'll even talk to you" (again), if I lose these twenty years...

It's a filthy, manipulative thing to say, but I don't know if I could go on.

I had pretty epic dreams last night about me and Nii-san trying to escape from a country that seemed to be a cross between Communist Russia and the Southwest. Then I woke up prematurely and tried to return to aforesaid dreamland by imagining scenarios where we returned and rescued everyone we cared about.

I have been watching the first season of Supernatural (very very slowly, on Megavideo), and man... I know tons of people hate (hated?) the mytharc, but if it wasn't for the mytharc I probably would have gotten bored after the second episode. Yeah, it's fun, but it's just as often cringe-inducing and... not particularly good, IMO. Most of the fun I'm having is derived from seeing Sam and Dean back at the very beginning. It's interesting in an "Oh boys, you have NO IDEA what's coming up" way, and an "Oh, THAT'S where they came from!" way. Observation 1) they're really setting Sam up as the main character, aren't they? Observation 2) Jesus Christ, Jared Padalecki looks like he's FIFTEEN.

For the record, TV shows sans mytharc or other overarcing story tend to bore me really fast unless they have a high, high entertainment value (see Yes Prime Minister, Leverage), and since the thing that I want to be most fannish about is Babylon 5, the mother of all mytharc shows... yeah. Unfortunately, most of fandom appears to have died out in about 2000. My roommate, our friend and I have been mainlining it like crazy – we finished season 3 in about three weeks. Fortunately, my roommate and I have similar tastes (Narn!) and are both of the Londo/G'Kar persuasion. This morning we had a discussion about Centauri sex positions (with added debate as to exactly how prehensile the penises are) and alien genitalia, this sparked by someone on TVTropes saying that, if you know Drazi biology, the implication that G'Kar is having an affair with the Drazi ambassador's wife becomes disturbing. Upon doing SRS research online, we do not see how this is the case. (IL this household!)
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